Steps - How to Move SharePoint Items?

  1. Firstly, Install and Run SharePoint Organiser. Then Click on "Start Migration Option"
    Tool Installing Step
  2. Click to "Connect" button on Left Panel to Connect Source
    Enter Source Credential and Click on "Login"
    Connect with Source
  3. Now, Click to "Connect" button on Right Panel to Connect Destination
    Enter Destination Credential and Click on "Login"
  4. Connect Destination
  5. Software will display entire Preview in explorer view of Source and Destination items such as: Documents, List, Sites, Library folder.
    Preview Window
  6. Software provide two options: Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop to execute migration process of SharePoint to Office 365, Office 365 to SharePoint, Office 365 to SharePoint, Office 365 to Office 365.
    Two Tranfer Option
  7. Copy Source: Right click on the source component and choose "Copy" option on Left panel
    Copy Option
  8. Paste Destination: Right click on the destination component and choose "Paste" option on Right panel Paste Option
  9. In Filter option to Select Migration options: Migrate Dates | Migrate Permissions | Overwrite Folders | Overwrite Files |Migrate Versions (Latest or All) » Select User Mapping File Path » OK
    Filter option
  10. After clicking "OK" software display "Progress status": View Target SharePoint Location, Job Name, Job Status, Total Number of Files, Total File Processed, Number of Errors, Pending, Current Upload and Completed
  11. Choose User Mapping: Enter User Name, Password and URL of Source and Destination » Click on "Get User" » Click "Save" button
    User mapping